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Posted: 19/06/2015

The brand new FS1 website is now live and fully responsive!

In a growing mobile era.  Where more than a billion people access the web primarily via mobile device , it is essential for a website to become responsive when accessed via this medium.

Every business needs to adapt to reach consumers effectively on any screen and  FS1 recognised this. with their website now offering simplified design, clearer text, auto adjust to any screen and a fun search menu. 

Problems encountered with past websites displaying on mobile device meant that text would not read properly and would not adjust to the screen size, leaving text out or looking blurred. With a simplified design, all text is displayed and is loaded with one click,

Maximum response means it auto adjusts to any type of device making the new FS1 website extremely user friendly to reach consumers effectively on any screen.

Fun new features include meet the team and a search bar to navigate all whilst on the go!! www.fs1recruitment.com