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Posted: 08/02/2016

At FS1 we work with a number of small and large local advertising and marketing agencies, all creative, all ambitious, and all committed to ensuring that the stresses of agency life are coupled with an innovative and exciting working environment. Over the years we’ve also noticed a trend for agencies to have an office pet, usually a dog – something that may seem quirky, but actually there are a number of benefits of having man’s best friend in the office!

Collar-boration. An office dog can really bring the team together and give everyone a joy to rally around. Everyone in the office will want to spend time with their new office buddy and before you know it, the team are bonding!

Time for Walkies! A dog requires attention, love and of course exercise. By default, a dog in the team encourages healthy living.

Cuddles can reduce stress. The workplace, especially in fast paced creative agencies, can sometimes be stressful and demanding. But if you’ve got a happy excitable dog bounding around in the office, everyone is immediately entertained and therefore, happy.

And… Fetch! Taking short frequent breaks whilst cuddling the office pup can increase productivity and give team members the focus they need when they return from their break.

Perhaps it’s worth checking that animals are allowed in your office building?!

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