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Posted: 23/11/2017

In the marketing world, Facebook and social media channels in general remain major players in terms of advertising mediums. When it comes to social channels such as Facebook, much of it can be done for free, with the option of investing money into your platform for further advertising too. So is it really worth spending money on Facebook advertising?

Are you reaching your followers? In the early days of Facebook, page posts reached every single page follower. However, that’s no longer the case. The only way to try and ensure most of your followers are reached is by using Facebook advertising.

What are your trying to achieve? Spending money on Facebook really comes down to what you’re trying to achieve via social media. Growing brand awareness and click throughs to your site can all be achieved via Facebook advertising – if it’s done correctly.

Facebook advertising is already fairly advanced. A company can target thousands of individuals based on location, age, likes and dislikes – so there’s a strong chance you can reach lots of potential customers who really will be interested in your brand, rather by reaching them by chance.

All this can be achieved for modest amounts of money – Facebook Advertising can be a hugely effective and fairly cheap way to advertise. So what’s stopping you?

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