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Posted: 13/07/2017

Making mistakes when handling the media can cost customers and brand recognition. How can you ensure your business has a happy relationship with the media?

Think like a journalist. The media want a story that’s going to make their readers buy their publication. Make sure your story appeals to the readers and has the correct angle for the context of the publication.

Make it easy. Journalists and reporters are busy people – if they want extra information, get it to them as soon as possible, or you might find your story lost.

Take a moment to think. If a journalist wants an interview, before jumping straight in, take just a moment to consider what you want to get across in the interview.

Make your point effectively. With limited time, it’s vital you get to the point of the story with the journalist rather than giving them what they may consider unnecessary information.

Jargon? Journalists may not understand your sector jargon – make your language clear and concise.

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