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Posted: 03/02/2019

In today’s crowded market, a sound website is non-negotiable. If your website doesn’t measure up, you’ll lose customers – simple as that. Avoid these mistakes to ensure your website is top notch.

Make it responsive. There are no excuses now – your website must be responsive to different devices, with more people than ever browsing the internet on mobiles and tablets.

Keep it simple. Your customers want clear and concise information. Make sure your site isn’t too cluttered with irrelevant information – you might think your customers want the ins and outs of your product, but be straight to the point and keep it functional!

It’s all about speed. A slow loading site is inexcusable. Anything longer than a 3 second load time will stop people visiting your website.

Use your reviews. Customers want social proof; a website without links to Google or Facebook reviews will suffer from a lack of trust from potential customers.

Consider call to actions carefully. Boring or predictable calls to action won’t cut it – consider the customer journey carefully and make it count!

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