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Posted: 22/09/2015

Kick starting your creative career can be tough and there’s lots of competition out there! To get on the career ladder, most creatives will start with an internship, giving them their first taste of a commercial studio. So how can you make sure you find the right placement?

Start with what you know. Your university will maintain contacts with alumni, and those contacts can lead you to companies and studios you’ve not even heard of.

Get Networking. Get yourself out there! Meeting as many new people as possible will increase your chances of bagging a top placement, and by getting your work noticed you will build your connections for the future too.

Dream big. List your favourite studios and aim big; yes, it’s normal to be fearful of rejection, but focus your applications with conviction and determination, and you’ll have much more success than sending out hundreds of duplicated applications.

Tailor your application and keep it simple. Make sure you know the names of people you are applying to, and tailor each application, detailing your experience specifically for each studio. And keep your portfolio small and select; your top five projects with a focussed application will go a long way.

Know your rights. Most companies now offer a wage for internships, finding that asking interns to work for the experience only send out the wrong message. Make sure you have a clear contract, knowing your rights and what is expected of you.

Make the most of it! This is your chance to kick start a top creative career, in a world where technology is getting more and more exciting – give it your all!

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