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Posted: 05/09/2018

Designers operate in different ways, that’s for sure, finding their creativity in a way that most suits them. But when it comes to finding out when you’re most productive, and how you should organise your day, is it best to start working early or late?

Can we fight nature? Before the rise of technology and regular lighting, we had little choice but to be creative during the day, at the rise of the sun. Our bodies are geared to start being productive at the rise of the sun – And some creatives take advantage of that.

Don’t forget the magic of the night! Studies have shown that later in the day or evening, as we naturally start to feel sleepy, we’re less self-regulated, meaning creative (or sometimes crazy) ideas can come to mind. Additionally, with most people quite or asleep later in the evening, creatives are less likely to be distracted.

So what’s the answer? The answer is there’s no right answer – every creative is different, and most will find their own path to creative success. When you find the working pattern that works for you, go with the flow!

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