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Posted: 24/01/2017

It’s a fast paced world out there for designers and at some point in any designer’s career they’ll find themselves burnt out, completely out of ideas and looking for new inspiration. Here’s how to stay on top of your game.

Take it all in! Stay on task, but take time to soak up the project you’re working on. Designers need to take in everything they learn in their career as much as possible – you never know when it might come in handy!

Don’t worry about down time. Designers should feel confident about stepping away from a project – busying your mind with something else can sometimes lead to the next big idea!

Keep it visual. Stuck for an idea? Write or draw it all out and stick it up on your wall. It may sound odd, but this visual aid can sometimes do the trick.

What are your restrictions? Knowing what you can’t do gives you a good starting point and frame to work within when planning a new project.

Make time for socialising. When working on a project, it can be easy to immerse yourself in it. Make sure you make time for your friends and family, and inspiration will come.

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