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Posted: 20/04/2017

For a number of years now, digital technologies have continued to grow and become dominant skills in most workplaces. As this need for digital has grown, companies have recognised the additional need of hiring professionals at the cutting edge of new digital thinking. And yet, still in 2017, there’s a shortage.

Companies are now starting to recognise the importance of digital skills in their workforce, and are more inclined to recruit for new staff with these skills, except there’s a shortage of digital skillsets in the workforce. As companies try to turn to more sophisticated technologies without this skillset, productivity has suffered.

To tackle this shortage, it’s clear companies need to invest more in developing these skills – Instead of hoping to hire someone with the desired digital skills, companies should consider partnering with robust training providers, leading to motivated and local employees who can take organisations to the next level of digital output.

Schools must also play a bigger part in mentoring and supporting interested students to learn more about the digital arena, to ensure the future workforce is fully prepared for the future.

It’s clear there’s still much more to be done to tackle the digital skills shortage!

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