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Posted: 21/04/2016

Here at FS1, we know there’s no escaping the fact that in the marketing and communication arena in 2016 it’s all about digital. And why would we want to? Digital is an ever changing, exciting medium for communicating to consumers where for the first time marketers can easily encourage interaction with their followers, making a brand stand the test of time.

With so many different channels and techniques available, marketers need to ask important questions, such as which channel is right for their brands, and which trends are going to become big in 2016. We’ll, we’ve done some of the hard work for you!

Here at FS1 we’ve published a guide on digital trends for 2016, their pros and cons and how they can benefit your business.

You can access our publication for free by clicking here: http://www.fs1recruitment.com/jobs.aspx?creative=1&marketing=1&sales=1&communications=1

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together!

For more information about our latest digital vacancies or how FS1 can supporting you in finding digital talent for your team, contact FS1 on 01908 787 560 or hello@fs1recruitment.com.