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Posted: 19/08/2018

As competition becomes ever more fierce, many marketers are faced with deciding on whether to still invest in direct marketing – So is it worth it?

Direct marketing has the clear benefit of offering a personalised experience for customers. A personalised experience is more likely to attract new customers. Additionally, the rise of digital has cut the cost of direct marketing. Gone are the days of relying on letters through the post; direct marketing can take advantage of new digital technologies, offering a personalised service in a more cost-effective way.

However, given the competitive market, many consumers are often bombarded with different messages, and in some cases direct marketing may be losing its effect. Additionally, who can forget the perils of GDPR; companies using personal data must now be even more careful in how they store and use customer data.

For a successful marketing campaign, whilst marketers should consider using direct marketing techniques, a truly successful campaign uses varied and integrated channels to spread the message.

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