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Posted: 05/09/2016

Traditionally most marketers required a qualification in the field to secure a long term and successful career in marketing. However, with new and emerging technologies and a shift in how marketing is done, more and more people with experience and specialist knowledge are entering the world of marketing without formal qualifications. So do marketers still need to be qualified?

Some would argue yes. Without formal training and a solid understanding on marketing principles through education, some argue that unqualified marketers can’t take the most advantage of new and emerging technologies. However, whilst a qualification in marketing gives a professional credibility and a base from which to develop, increasingly more marketers are finding success without it.

Companies more recently typically value experience over qualifications, safe in the knowledge that their new marketing hire can hit the ground running with the right experience to make their campaign a success. Also, being inquisitive and passionate are skills that most marketers need to be successful – skills that no qualification can teach.

With the marketing sector growing and developing it’s natural that people from all walks of life will join this growing industry, some with qualifications, some without. But maybe what is key is that whilst some people won’t need a qualification to thrive, others will, and be better marketers for it – meaning maybe the difference comes down to the person?

Whatever the answer is to the debate, it’s clear that further developments in new technology over the next few years will once again change the state of play!

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