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Posted: 24/02/2017

PR is a busy business but it’s vital that you get everything right when sending your press release to journalists – any mistake can see your press release left at the bottom of the pile. Take a look at our top tips!

How do you spell that? Spelling mistakes are guaranteed to leave journalists feeling cold. Although it’s busy, take a moment to re read your press release – it seems obvious, but it’s easy to forget!

What’s it about? Your first paragraph must summarise the point of your press release to ensure your audience is interested.

Two quotes and you’re onto a winner. Quotes make your press release more human to readers – one from your CEO and another from a customer or partner is all you need.

What about the data? Back up your claims with the research – Journalists are more likely to take notice of a press release that includes the proof!

Keep it brief. Straight to the point, in digestible chunks – less is certainly more when it comes to press releases.

Who to contact? Make sure you leave your contact details on the press release for more information.

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