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Posted: 03/11/2015

Freelance or Studio – what’s best for you?

For designers and creatives, one of the biggest questions of their careers is whether or not to take the freelance route or to work in a studio environment. Both offer their pros and cons, but which path is right for you?


The greatest thing about the freelance route has to be the flexibility. It’s not just about freelancers managing their own work day, they even have the choice of which clients they want to work with, and the type of projects they want to be involved in. Freelancers typically work on a wider variety of projects using different channels, and earn more by the hour for their time.

As a freelancer, you’re effectively running a small business, meaning there’s an almost never ending list of non-creative jobs that need doing, including client management, invoicing, dealing with taxes, and much more! Managing and nurturing client relationships can be a challenge, and for freelancers it is vital that they pick the right client, willing to work with them in a mutually beneficial way. Otherwise, not only does work become less regular, but it can be sometimes a lonely experience, too.


Working in a studio environment means ultimate collaboration; surrounded by other enthusiastic creatives can only mean bigger and brighter ideas. By talking through your ideas with other talented designers and working as part of a creative and focussed team, there’s no stopping your professional development. Also typically offering more stability, a studio role is perfect for creatives still learning their trade, eager to gain more experience.

Working in a studio environment doesn’t mean you can escape difficult clients! Yes, people working in a studio role are working as part of a wider team, but sometimes, depending on the reputation of the agency, one mistake in a studio can mean a bigger fall than if you were contracted as a lone freelancer. Plus, we’re yet to find a studio that’s 9-5…

Both freelance and studio jobs have their pros and cons, and FS1 is committed to helping designers and creatives in the local area in furthering their career, whatever path they choose. For more information, contact 01908 787 560 or hello@fs1recruitment.com.