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Posted: 30/08/2016

The freelance market can offer ultimate flexibility for designers and marketers, but it can also sometimes be inconsistent. So how can you make the most of your earnings to survive in the world of freelance?

Keep it formal! A written contract can ensure that both you and your client are clear on the expectations of the project and give you the ideal opportunity to outline payment schedules – which, in turn, makes financial planning much easier!

How about weekly pay? By negotiating weekly pay, freelancers can again budget more easily. Many companies realise the challenges faced in the freelance sector when it comes to finance, so most clients will be happy to discuss weekly pay, given that it will secure the successful completion of their project.

Consider your outgoings. Plan your outgoings to the last detail, and make sure you have a good understanding of the market, and more importantly, what you’re worth. By balancing the books, everyone’s guaranteed to be happy!

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