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Posted: 28/11/2014

It’s that time again! The nights are drawing in, we can’t stop singing “Let it Go” from Frozen (although we’ve been singing that all year) and FS1 are working hard in the run up to Christmas 2014. But before we start writing our letters to Santa and sipping our Bailey’s, we thought we’d consider for a moment what the marketing sector might look like for 2015, and which trends are going to be taking centre stage next year.

Mobile will become bigger than ever

As you may already know, Mobile is HUGE. Mobile content and marketing boomed in 2014 and nothing’s going to change in 2015, with responsive websites at the forefront of digital development. 2015 is likely to see a massive hike in wearable technology, which will only fuel the mobile boom further.

Let’s get Personal

With increasingly sophisticated algorithms companies can start tailoring services and products for consumers – both highly convenient and a little bit scary, but marketers will have the technology to be even more targeted in their campaigns.

Online & Offline become one

Until now, retail has had two distinct channels; offline and in store, and online retail and ecommerce. Things are changing; in 2015 the two will become one, with interactive digital display and stores integrating themselves with click and collect, as retailers aim for a seamless online and offline purchasing experience for customers. It doesn’t just stop at the retail sector; traditional and digital channels will become increasingly more integrated in 2015.

Content is (still) king

Possibly not a surprise, but content marketing seems set to remain a staple in most marketing campaigns. Companies are ever more increasingly moving away from traditional strategies to create innovative and engaging content for their customers, and unique content is still the main driver when it comes to an increased social media presence. Content marketing is on course to get a big boost in the marketing budget for 2015.

Google+ COULD be eliminated

We’ve got a sneaky suspicion that Google+ is on the way out and the platform will be retired in 2015. Perhaps hold on that Google+ spend just for now…

We’d love to hear your marketing predictions for 2015 – why not comment below?