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Posted: 01/08/2018

If you write for a living, proof reading can feel like a long and monotonous task. When you’ve got a lot on your plate, jobs like proof reading can be missed, and although no one can be perfect, too many typos can leave you red-faced. Here’s our top tips.

Don’t start at the beginning. By reading your text from top to bottom, you’ll only skim read it, assuming what you believe you’ve written is on the page. Try reading it backwards – you’ll be amazed!

Take it in chunks. Think about spelling, grammar and formatting individually, not all at once – you’re likely to pick up mistakes more easily by taking on one aspect at a time.

Make the most of technology! Spell check isn’t always right, but it’s certainly a useful tool for picking up most of your typos.

Take your time. If you’re responsible for proofreading your own writing, take a break between writing and proof reading. You’re more likely to be effective at checking your writing after walking away from it for some time.

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