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Posted: 24/07/2018

Internal comms is more than just an email you know! There are plenty of ways to engage employees and build team motivation – here’s a few tips.

It’s all about the visuals. Yes, text as a medium is great for relaying detailed information, but a great picture will absolutely have more impact and will be more memorable.

Say yes to gamification! The key to engaging employees these days is interaction. Making a game of delivering key information will keep employees interested in what you’ve got to say.

Disruption can be a great thing! Whilst we normally don’t go in for disruption in the office, tactics that surprise employees can make a huge difference in communicating your message effectively.

What’s key when it comes to marketing? What are your marketers doing to engage your customers? It’s likely your staff will also take an interest – Video and VR (virtual reality) are hot on the scene right now.

Involve your audience. Fellow employees are the best message carriers, and don’t forget it! Ask for volunteers to spread your message amongst their peers and you can’t go wrong.

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