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Posted: 10/08/2017

Working in PR can be demanding at times. To make sure you’re performing at the top of your games, it’s vital you take time out for yourself. So how can you make sure you strike the perfect balance?

Is your schedule in place? Whilst social media and digital channels sometimes need to be monitored, schedule your messages way in advance to free up your down time.

It’s all about timing. Prioritise your tasks for the day, allocate time to each task effectively and use a timer to make sure you stay on track.

Take a break! It can be easy to forget to take breaks when you’re up against it – plan your breaks in your day and make sure you leave your desk on time unless it’s urgent. And make sure you physically leave your desk!

Feeling dehydrated? Coffee can leave you thirsty. Try swapping the caffeine for water every now and then to beat that tired feeling.

Stay in control of your inbox! Schedule time in your week to clear your inbox and unsubscribe from pesky sales emails.

You’ll find yourself rested up and ready for the next PR challenge in no time!

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