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Posted: 12/10/2018

A good event can have a massive impact to an organisation. And yes, although the budget bit isn’t the most exciting part of event planning, getting your budget right is very important. Here’s now to ace your event number crunching!

Start with a clear plan. How many people realistically will attend your event, especially if it’s your first? And what sort of event are you aiming for – is it free, will there be sponsorship, who’s invited? A clear plan will help with budgeting later down the line.

Choose your venue. Getting your venue fixed at first makes all the difference when planning your budget. Look at venue packages as a whole, and find out what providers are offering, and at what cost.

Consider the basics. What are your estimated costs and revenue? Having a basic indication of what you expect to spend and what you expect to receive will help with planning and procurement.

These guiding principles will help you to shape your event budget effectively, and make your event one to remember!

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