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Posted: 15/10/2016

Black Friday is coming, and consumers will be expecting GREAT deals. Digital marketers need to be prepared and ready to make their mark on the occasion – so how can you make the most out of Black Friday?

It’s all about the freebies. A coupon code or an online offer is the best way to reel people in to taking a good hard look at your website, leading to bigger sales!

Where do your customers land? A landing page designated just for Black Friday makes directing your customers to the right place much easier in all the frenzy. Make it bold and seasonal!

Don’t forget email! Now is the perfect time to get back into emailing your contacts and growing the contact list. Email is a fast and cost effective way of reaching people and will definitely encourage further sales.

Make it social. A confident social media strategy, including links to your landing pages, is a must. There’s going to be a lot of online activity on Black Friday – make sure you don’t miss out!

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