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Posted: 03/10/2016

There’s a whole load of content out there these days. It’s busy out there, and with so many companies producing great content, it’s key that writers do all they can to promote their content above all others. Take a look at our top tips for boosting your blog!

Have you heard the news? Keep a close eye to the latest news stories, and find opportunities where your content can reflect on or take lessons from what’s going on.

Make it interactive! Lots of blogs give guidance, but what if it was a two-way process, or a debate? Or not? What do you think? (see what we did there??)

If in doubt, make a list. Blogs in bite size chunks are easy to digest and hugely accessible for a quick read.

How bad is that?! People love a “Most Hated” or effectively a “bad case studies” blog – it’s both informative and entertaining.

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