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Posted: 09/03/2017

In today’s creative market a portfolio is a must. It’s likely you’ll spend hours making your portfolio as impressive as possible, but how can you make sure people see it?

Spread the word! Make sure you tell your contacts once your portfolio is live and online. With so much content out there, it’s vital you point your contacts in the right direction.

Keep it updated. Offer your audience something new and you’ll more than likely get new recommendations.

Keep it physical? A physical copy of some of your portfolio is guaranteed to make clients take a look at more of your work online.

Do you blog? A blog, offering your personal perspective on the design industry, is a great way to promote your portfolio site and offer potential clients an insight into who you are. It’s a win win!

Link it! Put links to your portfolio EVERYWHERE. Are the bottom of your emails, on your business cards – you name it!

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