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Posted: 16/02/2018

It’s vital for marketers to get a rebrand right. Rebranding comes with lots of benefits, such as breathing new life into your product, but can also include risks, potentially alienating your core audience. So how can you make sure you get it right?

Do your research! It might seem an obvious place to start, but vigorous research into what your customers want and their main drives is key when considering any sort of rebrand. Using techniques such as gamification in surveys and focus groups will give you the data you need to lead a successful rebrand.

What’s your gut instinct saying? Of course research is important, but if your gut instinct is telling you something needs to change, it’s best to follow it. Back up your instincts for a refresh by bringing your ideas to focus groups, making sure you take your customers with you on your journey.

Make it integrated! Plan your rebrand carefully across all marketing channels to ensure brand consistency. Once the decision is made, you must ensure your new brand has a clear impact to all customers however they access your products.

Be reactive. Once your new brand is out there, study the feedback and react to what your customers are saying quickly.

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