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Posted: 15/09/2017

For any business development professional, the sales call is more often than not the first step to introducing your business to a new potential buyer. So how can you make sure your sales calls make a lasting impact?

Do your research. Find out why your potential new buyer needs your product and have the facts ready to demonstrate how your product could help their business.

Who are you? Pitching your product to just anyone in the business won’t do at all – make sure before you start you’re speaking to the decision maker.

Solve the problem. Once you’re through to the decision maker, explain how your product can solve their problem – businesses want easy options that make their processes more streamlined, so sell your product as such.

Prepare for rejection. There are various reasons why a business will say no to your product, and it’s like they’ll give reasons such as lack of budget, no time, or lack of authority. Build a list of rejections you’ve received and prepare effective answers for the next time.

Keep up the conversation. If the call is coming to an end and the customer isn’t ready to buy, plan a follow up call.

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