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Posted: 06/04/2017

In the marketing and creative agencies, one thing is guaranteed; nothing. Techniques and tools are always changing and as such marketers and creatives are always having to learn new skills. So how can you ensure you learn effectively?

Get ready to feel fed up. Learning is hard. It won’t be easy. Get yourself ready to feel fed up and lost at times – but remember, it’ll be so worth it!

What about everyone else? Don’t compare yourself to your peers; you’ll only find yourself frustrated with the whole process. Learning something new is different for everyone.

Are you learning properly? It’s easy to skim over something and move on quickly to the next thing – but it won’t be effective. Take your time and make sure you learn things properly!

What do you want to achieve? Put a plan of action in place before you start, considering your aims and objectives. These can of course be adjusted at any time!

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