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Posted: 17/08/2016

With new and innovative digital channels becoming available in the communications industry, it’s easy to forget that the humble email still needs care and attention and continues to have a place in communication. And with many of us receiving countless emails each day, how can you make your marketing email stand out from the crowd?

What’s the subject? The subject line needs to be bold, informative and eye catching. Mix it up and try different things; if you send an email to your customer each month, make she you vary the subject line and make it relevant.

Content Remains King. If you’ve caught your audience with a catch subject line, you’ve got to make your email content worthwhile! Tailor your content to your audience, make it unique, and keep it informative and concise!

Change it up. Try not to use the same templates or formats each time; use new pictures, new designs to capture the interest of your audience.

Let’s get personal! Try to make your email as personified as possible. We all receive a lot of spam emails, so try to make your campaign as personal as possible to avoid being sent to the junk folder.

Target carefully. When will your audience be opening their emails? Do you need multiple campaigns for different parts of your audience? Attention to detail on targeting will guarantee more email opens.

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