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Posted: 05/04/2019

A good hashtag is as important as a strong brand these days. Whilst it might seem easy to pick a hashtag for your organisation, it’s important you choose something that works. Here’s our top tips for hashtags.

Make it unique! Find something unique to your brand, make it short and sweet, and use alliteration where possible to make it memorable. And repeat! Repeat your hashtag as much as possible! There may be times where it’s appropriate to copy part of a trending hashtag if it’s relevant to your brand – keep up to date with the latest trends!

Make it clear. A creative hashtag might appeal to you, but if it doesn’t resonate with your audience it’s pointless. The hashtag should be obvious in its meaning, first and foremost.

Consider timing carefully. As we mentioned before about trends, there are potentially good times and bad times to use your chosen hashtag, depending on your messaging. Be careful to consider and be reactive if needed.

Check it again! There’s been plenty of PR disasters thanks to poorly thought out hashtags – check your new hashtag doesn’t spell anything that might be problematic…

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