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Posted: 17/01/2017

So Instagram has been around for a while now, however the last year for Instagram has been huge; with big increases in both consumer and brand users. So how has Instagram made such an impression this year?

Instagram is entirely visual by nature, and it’s clear when we look at any social media channel that visual media is where it’s at. At the ultimate channel in offering new and innovative visual content, Instagram has naturally become more popular, except the channel has taken that a step further.

Instagram has made the transition to a social commerce channel incredibly effectively, appealing to its followers with new and unique content which leads to a purchase. With people turning to their peers for new ideas, Instagram fuels this desire for new and unique products in a way most channels don’t. The introduction of the “Shop Now” function has also made the process of purchasing easier than ever before, and is revolutionising social commerce.

It’s clear than consumer brands who haven’t considered Instagram before should do so now, and start thinking of unique content that will attract the attention of this active and growing consumer base.

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