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Posted: 10/05/2016

Group interviews are less popular than they were a few years ago, however it’s vital to be prepared for them in your job search in case you’re called to attend a group interview. See below our top tips for acing a group interview situation.

Be mindful of the task ahead. It’s easy to forget you’re being assessed when making small talk with interviewers and other applicants. From the moment you enter the building you are being assessed, so be polite and positive from the moment you arrive.

Make your contributions mean something. In a group interview applicants will want to be noticed and it can be tempting to make contributions to the conversation that are totally meaningless – not a good idea when you’re being interviewed. Listening is vital in this situation; take in what is being said around you and ensure your contributions are meaningful.

Keep it friendly! Reacting negatively to contributions by other applicants won’t do any good. Group interviews are usually a test of how you get on with other people, so keep it friendly! Working with other applicants rather than against them is more likely to win you points in a group interview.

Make your own contribution. Don’t copy other applicants; it won’t make you stand out to interviewers. Get your own personality across.

Whilst group interviews can be daunting, these top tips will hopefully give applicants a starting point to acing the group interview!

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