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Posted: 25/08/2017

With so much content out there, it’s hard to stay focussed on one story at a time. So how can you ensure your story telling is top notch and engaging?

It’s all about the hook! The hook, the opening line or paragraph designed to draw people in, is important. It’s also a good idea to refer back to your hook in the final line of your piece, reminding the reader of the purpose of the article.

How do you feel about metaphors? A metaphor can make your reader see things differently and help you to describe a situation in a more creative and accessible way. Use them wisely!

Let your voice be heard! No one wants to read content full of jargon and nonsense. Make it sound human and write it in your own words – readers will find it much more appealing!

Say what you see… Yes, it’s all about your catchphrase. Find your own catchphrase, related to your work and your industry, and keep it used consistently within your work. That way, readers will be drawn to something both familiar but new.

So stand out for the crowd and make sure your storytelling is second to none!

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