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Posted: 13/03/2019

Is your pitch for new work starting to feel a little bit old? Marketers and creatives at some point in their career will find themselves giving a pitch – even if it’s once in a while, or it’s every week, here’s some of our top tips for making sure your pitch stands out from the crowd.

Get their attention! You’ve got to stand out from the first moment to make an impression – Use an anecdote, a current affairs issue or a killer statistic to get your audience sat up and paying attention.

Give your audience a clear idea of what to expect. It’s important you try to paint a picture; describe your ideas and concepts using colour and shape to take your audience along the creative journey with you. Try to weave your imagery into a story – story telling is compelling and captivating, and will ensure your audience is listening.

Don’t ask for questions - start a conversation. Asking for any questions is outdated and can be off-putting to your audience - Make your final moments of your pitch conversational, discussing different ideas and approaches.

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