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Posted: 19/12/2016

The freelance industry is booming. These days there are countless opportunities for creatives to go it alone and enjoy the privilege of working for themselves on varied projects. So how can you ensure you’re freelancing effectively?

Stay focussed! When you’re in charge of your own schedule it can be easy, depending on your personality type, to get distracted. Be strict with yourself! Exercise can be a great way to start the day, but if you’re still struggling to focus on your daily plan, turn off your phone and emails for a distraction free creative session!

Find the right work. When you’re starting out it can be scary and you might be focussed on securing work, whatever it may be. But if you continue to do work you don’t enjoy you won’t get anywhere. Where possible, pitch for the work that excites you.

It’s all about the admin. Managing your cash flow, payments and taxing can all seem pretty stressful – so make sure you get good advice! Umbrella companies can offer an excellent service to those starting out in the freelance world.

Manage your time right! Planning your time effectively is vital in the freelance world – diaries, phone notifications and post its are all useful tools.

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