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Posted: 06/07/2018

Being a marketer can be tough. It’s a busy, fast paced role, with constant changes and new development absolutely essential. Turnover in the marketing sector can be high at times – But motivated marketers are worth their weight in gold! Here’s how to make marketers stay in your business.

Are you paying the industry standard? Organisations should ensure that the package they have on offer resonates with the market standard. If you’re not sure what you should be paying your marketers, FS1 will be happy to help!

Make it meaningful. Whilst getting the package right is important, marketers also need to feel a sense of purpose. Being creative for a worthy cause is important.

Keep it fresh. Marketers want to be challenged; offering opportunities for development as well as time for marketers to explore new avenues will keep them interested.

Think about your environment. Give marketers space to be creative and consider new ideas, offer some flexibility in terms of working environment if possible.

Invest in technology. Marketers need to top tools to work effectively, so don’t hold them back – invest!

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