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Posted: 04/08/2017

It’s all about visual information these days. Infographics offer a great way to communicate information in a way that’s digestible for your followers – so how can you make a top-notch infographic that’ll keep your audience reading on?

Tell a story. There’s should be a clear beginning, middle and end to your infographic – not just a list of random statistics.

Choose your format wisely. Plan your format from the beginning, before you start adding data, and make sure it flows and is visually appealing.

Mix it up! Use a wide mix of imagery and colours to keep your audience engaged.

Have you got your facts right? Double check everything before going live – an infographic with incorrect information is likely to go viral for all the WRONG reasons!

Share the love! Make sure your infographic is easy for your followers to share so you can reach new and engaged audiences!

Let’s get creative!

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