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Posted: 07/07/2017

Whether it’s appearing at an event, delivering a new business pitch or presenting your marketing strategy, public speaking is an important skill for any professional. So what are our tops tips for being an effective public speaker?

Prepare effectively. It might feel tempting to improvise, but you should do a full verbal run through of your speech the day before your performance, making sure you address each of your points effectively. Use small written notes if necessary.

What about the audience? Research and make sure you know your audience so you can relate to them effectively.

Don’t show you’re tired! If you’re feeling a little fatigued, don’t tell your audience – keep it upbeat and engaging.

What’s the question? Make your stories into questions, and encourage your audience to participate an engage.

Save the best until last. Plan the rest of your pitch around your best material and save it for the end.

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