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Posted: 27/07/2015

We spend most of our waking lives at work, so it’s vital to get it right. On average people have around 5 different jobs in their career, and it’s normal to want progression and development. With changing jobs comes the time you’ll have to hand in your notice – but how can you ensure you get it right without burning any bridges?

Draft a letter of resignation. In most organisations this is a requirement when handing in your notice, so make sure you’re prepared. You can find excellent top tips on writing the perfect resignation letter in our earlier blog, here.

Be prepared to discuss face to face. Managers will often want to sit down with you to discuss your reasons in full, so ensure you are ready with your reasons. And keep it friendly, if not, neutral!

Know what you want. Consider whether or not you may be tempted by a counteroffer, and be honest with all parties involved. But also be prepared that your employer may not be able to offer you the payrise you’re looking for.

Be clear on the next steps. Offer as much information as possible regarding your exit date, offer support to finding a replacement, whatever is necessary to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Still got some questions? Check out these FAQ’s if you’re still seeking advice.

What should I say face to face?
Always call a meeting with your manager when handing in your notice. It shows commitment to the company and a further commitment to leaving things on good terms. Go to the meeting prepared with your reasons for your departure in full.

What is a good or bad counteroffer?
In our experience, there’s never a “good” counteroffer – too little, too late! We often find that those who accept counteroffers are again looking for a new job within 6 months.

What should my leaving timeline look like?
The bare minimum acceptable notice is 2 weeks – though more often you’ll likely serve a 4 week or even 12 week notice. Unless it is impossible commit to this and show you’re willing to support your manager in this time of transition as much as possible. But before this, give yourself some time to ensure handing in your notice is the right thing – don’t resign from your job on a whim!

How should I handle my exit interview if I’m leaving on bad terms?
Keep it professional! Now’s not the time to start airing your grievances, but a time to give and receive constructive feedback. This ensures closure in your current job and constructive feedback to succeed in your next.

If you need support in handing in your notice or you’re ready to kick start your job search, call FS1 Recruitment for more information.