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Posted: 27/03/2019

In this digital era, blogs are a massively effective way of communicating with target audiences, share your brand values, and promote new services or products. Outside of business people are using blogs to share ideas too. So how can you make sure you have a killer blog? Here’s some top tips.

Start as you mean to go on. Decide which platform suits your needs (WordPress remains a firm favourite, but there are others too such as Tumblr, Blogger and Ghost) and think carefully about your domain name. Make it memorable but snappy!

Think about design. Simple designs with vibrant colours will be attractive to your visitors. Blogs with images rather than those without almost always perform better too. Make sure your design also lines up with your blog objectives, making the purpose of your blog clear.

What about the content? Decide on the purpose of your blog and the content should follow. Whilst being proactive is good, it’s also useful to be reactive to trends and global events to stay relevant. Think about what your customers or readers want and need – and give it to them!

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