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Posted: 05/01/2018

It’s a busy market out there. A press release above all others is vital to get your product seen above all the noise – so how can you make sure your press release hits the spot?

Is anyone interested? The truth is, probably not. If you remember that fact when you write, you’ll find the text comes across as much more informative and punchy, as you're automatically trying to get your reader interested. It works!

Keep it short and snappy. No one wants to read pages of content – keep it brief, to the point and informative. Leave them wanting more!

What are you trying to achieve? Remember your goal and make sure the final piece encourages the reader to your chosen call to action.

Don’t try to be too clever. Witty headlines are fine, but you’ll lose some of your readers immediately and it wastes time for your audience. Make it clear and concise.

Don’t expect everything overnight. Building brand recognition takes time – Yes, your press release will help towards that, but it’s about playing the long game when it comes to PR.

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