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Posted: 22/08/2014

CRINGE! You’ve decided to accept the job offer of your dreams, the contract is signed and sealed and the only thing left to do is write a resignation letter to make it all official. It’s hard to know what to say and what tone this important letter should take – here’s few tips on what to know to write a note that leaves your current (nearly ex) employer feeling comforted, complimented and happy to say good bye.

  • State the facts. In this sort of situation, that can be stressful, it’s easy to forget to put the key details in, for example your last day of work according to your notice / employment contract.
  • Should you give a reason? It depends. If you’re leaving for a positive reason, perhaps relocation or further education, there’s no harm in adding this to the letter. If, more than likely, the reasons aren’t positive, it’s probably worth keeping it to yourself.
  • Keep it brief. Don’t make it War and Peace – your employer won’t enjoy pages and pages of potentially emotional details on why you’re leaving!
  • Offer to help. It might be appropriate to offer help during any transition period, and by doing so you won’t burn your bridges.
  • Don’t go mad! If the reasons for your departure have caused anger or pain, don’t let it show. Remember it’s highly likely that your current employer will be asked to give reference for you so keep it buttoned!

If you would like any more tips or advice on how to write the perfect resignation letter that hits the spot, do get in touch with FS1 Recruitment, we’re happy to help.