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Posted: 19/01/2018

Is it just us, or does it feel like it’s been January for forever? The festive season feels well behind us and it’s easy to feel a bit low at this time of year. Payday is still a while off, it’s cold, there’s few excuses left for still stockpiling chocolate, and the next Bank Holiday is still way out of sight… However, fear not! There’s plenty of ways you can make sure you beat the January Blues at work.

Keep busy! That’s right, stay busy at work, but try not to be overloaded. Start planning your goals for the year and put action points in place so you can achieve your goals.

Take back control. Controlling everything we do at work isn’t always achievable, but try to take the lead when it comes to your work. Feeling in control and focussed is key to positivity.

Start making friends. A friendly working environment is important when it comes to mental well being at work. Be a team player, be supportive to your colleagues at work, and positivity will flow through the office! Forget those January Blues!

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