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Posted: 20/04/2018

When it comes to marketing and creative, presenting your ideas and pitching your concept to varied stakeholders is a standard practise. Whilst big pitches to secure a new contract can be daunting, it all comes down to how you present yourself. So what are the best tips when it comes to pitching?

Tell your story. Content is king and storytelling rules; this is the same for when it comes to pitching and presenting. Use storytelling when presenting your pitch to keep your audience interested.

Does the story make sense? When putting together your pitch, consider your audience carefully and what they may (or may not) understand.

It’s not all about self-promotion. Yes, stakeholders want to know why they should say yes, but give the whole picture. If you’re pitching your business, talk about how the business has developed, the highs and lows, and as an individual how you’ve grown.

Stick to the magic number. 3 or 5 points in the body of your pitch is perfect – and certainly no more than 5!

Good luck for your next pitch!

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