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Posted: 09/03/2018

Content is King, we all know that, and sound writing ability is key when it comes to the marketing and creative sectors. So how can you proactively improve your writing skills?

Practise makes perfect! There’s no doubt about it, making sure you find the time to write often will inevitably improve your ability. Use some of your own time to practise your writing skills if need be.

Pick up a book! OK, so some of the soaps can be somewhat addictive, but as well as writing in your own time you should read as much as possible. Learn how everyone else does it!

What makes you tick? Think about the things you’ve read before, and the pieces of writing that you’ve been particularly moved by. What was it about the text that really made you tick?

Plan your writing. A plan of what you’re writing, why and the purpose of the piece goes a long way to putting a sound structure in place.

Don’t stick with the first draft – learn from it! Chances are changes will be needed in your first draft – that’s fine, but learn from your mistakes!

Stick to the point. Depending on the text, keep your wording concise and to the point.

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