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Posted: 20/07/2017

Marketers spend most of their time these days talking about the evolution of digital channels as technology becomes ever more sophisticated. So is it really all over for print? Not quite.

The beauty of print products is they are quite literally in front of you. Adverts in newspapers or magazines can stay in homes for months – internet ads are gone before you know it. And they are certainly more trusted that internet banners, which can feel a bit spammy.

Print advertisements are also easier to engage with. With the digital arena taking up some much of our world, consumers traditionally skim over digital information much quicker than in print. So print can definitely be more effective in getting your message across!

Print can be good for targeting an audience too. By selected specific sector magazines and placing ads you can make sure your product reaches the right audience. This can be more tricky in the digital arena.

Although digital is changing the way marketers work, print still has a place in our hearts – so keep investing in it!

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