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Posted: 08/01/2018

Social media has been around for some time now, and yet to some organisations and individuals it can still be a bit confusing. The most difficult thing about social media is establishing if it is working – So how can you tell if you’re onto a winner with your social media strategy?

Check your brand awareness. How many people have you reached, how many followers do you have? These basic figures will give you an early indication of whether or not your campaign is working. Especially if they are going up – or down!

Engagement. OK, so you’re reaching people, but are they engaging with you? How many “likes” or comments do you get on a weekly or month basis? And how many are good or bad? More engagement means your posts are being noticed.

What are your followers doing? How many people are going to your website as a result of engaging with your social media posts? The key thing is to drive traffic to your preferred destination as much as possible.

What about everyone else? Are you getting lots of mentions or tags in other people’s posts? Chances are you’re on the right track!

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