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Posted: 27/07/2017

At one time, SMS was a relevant and popular channel for communicating with consumers. However, it’s being used less and less these days – does SMS still have a place in a modern marketing strategy?

The thing is, there are lots of benefits to SMS. Texts are direct, immediate and have a high open rate compared to other mediums – plus more people are using mobile than ever. However, many people using smartphones are leaving text messaging behind – in developing countries, SMS is still a vital communication and marketing tool.

Recent studies have found that most consumers find SMS more helpful than a hindrance too. SMS appeals more to younger consumers, who are used to receiving lots of text messages, rather than older generations who may find the messaging less effective.

 So what does this all mean for marketers? It means SMS still has a place in an integrated communications strategy and that SMS should be used in the same way we use email marketing, as there are clear benefits.

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