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Posted: 28/09/2017

For many years, TV was the centrepiece when it came to advertising. There’s been a number of ground-breaking and entertaining tv ads over the years, but with the rise of digital, is TV still relevant?

The rise of on demand both on our TV sets and online has meant that consumers have the opportunity to skip past the ads to the programme they really want to watch. With on demand TV becoming ever more popular, are we witnessing the end of traditional TV ads?

Whilst digital is on the rise, it seems that TV ads still have a place in an integrated campaign. Creative adverts are still popular and there’s no question that a TV advert will still reach more consumers than many other channels.

Whilst TV advertising remains popular, it is one of the most expensive channels to invest in when it comes to marketing. These costs may change as digital dominance continues.

So whilst the TV set in the corner of the living room might be gathering dust, the good old TV advert still has a place in our hearts – for now!

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