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Posted: 12/01/2018

Every now and then, marketers will find that their website is getting less visitors than it used to. It can come out of nowhere and can be a concern – but all is not lost! Here’s what to do if your website traffic starts falling.

Is it Google? Sometimes websites can receive a manual penalty from Google, for a variety of reasons. First check your Google Search Console to see if any penalties have been put on your website and if so, make sure it’s corrected.

Do your research. Find out where the drop is happening on your website; it’s unlikely to be something affecting your whole website, so find out which keywords are turning people off and leading to a drop in visitors.

What about your links? Links to and from your website could have changed in quality, which may lead to a drop in traffic.

What about content? If everything else seems to be without concern, maybe it’s time to review the content on your website. A change in message or a simplification of what you’re trying to say can work wonders when engaging with your audience.

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