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Posted: 29/06/2015

It’s All About Digital: Top Digital Trends for 2015

We’re not sure how, but it’s already less than six months until Christmas 2015. The first half of 2015 has flown by here at FS1, with so many new trends in marketing and creative; however, one thing is for certain, Digital still rules and will continue to do so this year and beyond. So what are the top digital trends for 2015? With a little help from Forbes.com, here’s our take on the digital sector 2015.

It’s not all about Google. Now don’t get us wrong, Google remains at the forefront of search, however marketers should take heed of smaller up and coming search engines – their growth determines that consumers want an alternative, so make sure you stay right at the fold of change when it comes to search.

Mobile is King. Mobile dominance is like never before, and marketers should make sure in every campaign delivered that mobile is at the centre of all activity.

Social media conversion is coming. There’s been much debate around the real ROI of social media, but for ecommerce and lead generation sites, social conversion is becoming more and more a successful reality.

Marketing Automation is more important than ever. It’s now easier and cheaper than before; marketing automation used to be reserved for large blue chip organisations, but it’s now becoming a standard for every marketing plan.

The ever-changing algorithms. They’ll change, then they’ll change again, but it’s not just Google, it’s Facebook, it’s Bing, and it’s the Twitter/Google hybrid algorithms marketers will have to keep on top of.

And of course, Content. Enough said.

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