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Posted: 09/09/2015


Job offers are exciting. Don’t lose the joy!

Here at FS1 the highlight of our job is delivering the happy news of a job offer to a candidate who has worked tirelessly to secure the role of their dreams. In our experience however it’s not always as straightforward as that! In a candidate driven market, companies must ensure they keep they joy in job offers, securing the top talent for their teams. Take a look at our tips below!

Don’t keep them waiting too long. Top candidates usually put a lot of time and effort into interviewing, and if they are keen they will want to know as soon as possible. Candidates will expect companies to take some time to make a decision, but when the wait for a potential job offer goes into weeks, top candidates will start searching elsewhere, or be snapped up by competitors.

Let’s talk salary. Before the interviewing process even begins, FS1 consultants always advise clients on candidate’s salary expectations, to avoid any confusion or disappointment later down the line. If after a long interviewing process the salary offered doesn’t fall within the candidates expectations, disappointment is inevitable, and again companies run the risk of losing talented people.

Give them time! Even if you are offering a candidate their dream job, with and excellent salary to their expectations, some will simply be so shocked they’ll need a moment to think about it (Believe me, we’ve seen it all, and heard it all….). It’s fair that as companies need time to decide which candidate is right for them, similarly candidates need time to make sure they are making the right decision, which in the long term benefits businesses. FS1 as a recruiting partner always manages time expectations for both parties.

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